Lost Empire of Aasha

Grorks 8th attempt

[Nothing fancy this time]

Visited pitfight to cheer Jastra, dhey crushed it! 
First day head straight for temple and spend night dhere. Jastra wants us to get into sea, not sure if GRORK should.
Head west over moon hills into gnoll plains, after ovah 3 hours we cross river. Me has to carry schist. Keep heading west until Schist tells us to stop and check over a ridge. We find two frozen gnolls, one is dragging a sack the other is trying to hold its hand up to the eyes. We decide to camp further away from them. Now can see biiig mountain range goes around these plains.
It was cold and uneventfull night. The wind did wistle in the wrong way, but we hid behind hill. Schists mine-sense tingles and he guides us north, he had to eat dirt for it tho. GRORK looked at own feet, as odhers mentions no gnoll activity here. But Bjorn notices tracks in sandy area, must be from 4 legged reptile. Me look at them, nothing to see there. Schist corrects to 8 legs. Bjorn now remembers it might be a basilisk.  Few more hours we see something north atop of a hill, it's a mine shaft elevator tower. The mining place has some buildings still in tact. Bunk place, a warehouse, an admin office. Everything is rusted and sun bleached. OFFICE DOOR PUNCHEDOdhers rifle through paper. Dex determines place is old as  balls, many bontoons ago place might have been very busy. Ledger says they ship every 6months to Summerlands Academy, only best silver. Statue repair: glasswinter, Shipment to earl of bedigar and 1st Bank of Waterpass. Dex unlocks the safe that Bjorn found, it was hidden standing against a wall in the open. We find coins and silver. And an oddly shape ting, looks like a child toy to teach shapes'n colors. Find a mirror in the shitter, an invisible force picks it up and parades it in front of us. OH NO WE LOST DEX SOMEWHERE! Warehouse was full of things, but nothing GRORK interrests.
So we head along the carttracks into the mines. The floating mirror places itself with bjorns flashlight against a rock. Someone claps, the light goes on and the massive lad awakes. It sees itself in the mirror and in shock turns to stone. WHAT A VAIN CREATURE.
Barely any treasure is found here, maybe we have to go deeper. Continu to follow mine tracks. There might be spooders, we carefully go after possible spooders. It's a dead end, only up is a ventilation shaft. We return to the main path, until end up at a fork. Right way is free, the left path is shut off by a rockslide. According to schist it looks intentional and the other side smells like death. WASN'T GRORKReach end of the tracks. There are 3 shafts to continue on. Schist flips a coin, it lands on the edge so we go into the third shaft. Schist almost trips a sticky thread, jastra warns him. We found the bottom level of the elevator. Really liked that blue light we found, but tripped on the way there. 
WHOA SUDDENLY GIANT FLESHY WORMChucked trusty lightningrod for massive damage and then get way more angry. HIT IT HARD WIT AXE! Dex blew it up and covered me socks in goop. As we turn arround a giant beetle shows up. It covered me and schist in acid. IT HURT! Me charge at it, after Bjorn as usual. The random half-ling child that followed us into mines poked the bug to death with a stick. VERY BRAVE. GRORK should ask for name to write down. We take elevator up, jastra plays some nice music.
We walk home without problems and a bit richer. 'twas a good mining trip.
Kills: NOTHIN!
Witnessed: Siddermans, danglywom, massive lizard manypede
Raiding Hiding Tombs
We didn't find it.

    Tombs are from generals or commanders
    Named Cragfall

Northwest of waterpass we saw a smoke trail.
Forest west of waterpass stretches roughly north south. the front edge of the forest stretches roughly from the mountains 24 miles north. 
To the northwest of waterpass there is a less defined edge to the forest where it sorta bleeds into the plains.
Roughly northwest is a big squat ivy covered thing that we might be looking for. 8 miles north is where the smoke is stemming from.

    Mansion along the edge of the forest, gardeners are orcs from the plains tribes.
    Valarix Norixius – White tall dragonborn, wearing an elegant robe. Foremost scholar on aashan history.
    Harpies have lived in waterpass for many years, the big tower was built specially for them.
    At least two daughters.
    Orcs are all enchanted.
    Hedge maze and nice lawns.
    Lots of undead in the grounds.
    Powerful Necromancer?
    Phimelia – White Dragonborn
    Questions for zenwyn and guard captain.
    We were there for longer than we thought.

Dangerous beasts live in the forest

Tower in the forest – Fort Veridian Northern Guard Tower:
    Protection runes and might even have a trap.
    Trap was a combination of hold and slice traps.
    Stuck into a boulder is a sword. Magical AF.
    Bottom of staircase was a couple of dragonborn, moving one of them made a mind intrusion thing happen to Dex.
    Corridor with a slight downwards angle to it. Corridor too was trapped.
    Circular room, with a plinth with a flat surface on top.
    10 segments : [A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J].
     F contained Bone Nagas.


    Giant Elk appareances are quite rare, and they usually foreshadow an important event.
8 miles south of the ruined tower, Found the statue guarding the second tomb.
Halfway between the tower and the forest edge in a south western direction we found orc tracks heading south.

Banking for beginners
Don't fight dragons

Bjorn hastily scribbled these notes before heading out for more adventures.

Zenwyn been here for 3 years, lost all her money but "conviniently" the town wizard had died a couple of months before.
Dispelled both a ward that compelled people to walk away when the door was closed, and also dispelled some of the spells keeping the door shut.
Grork took the brass A from bank.
Gorgeus foyer, black and white marble floor, lit by skylight, glowing crystal clusters set in cieling, providing additional light.
Counters, made from a warm lovely rich reddish wood, mahogany maybe.
Brass is clear and well polished, waiting area to the left, offices to the right.
Red 33 hexagon.
Skeleton inside main gates, had key jammed into base of skull.
Skeleton behind counter with something silver in mouth.

Big corridor off to the right, says safety deposit.
Left corridor said staff only.

Safety Deposit:
Skeleton sat at chair as doorman, behind bars. Vestibule waiting area, another set of doors directly opposite of entrance.
Corridor leading to an access room, staff door (warded with abjuration).
Opposite the entrance in waiting room, is 15×15 hexagon, middle of the room is a raised dias, with two small hexagon holes.
Dias is magical(Conjuration) same goes for hexagon, both also have a small tinge of transmutation.

Staff only Corridor:
2 skeletons in corridor, both wearing what looks to be a bank uniform, one dragonborn one human, having their hands around eachothers throats.
Looks like they strangled eachother to death.
Underneath corpse was a small sack of money.
Human had crumpled note in his pocket:

/i "Hey Greg. I'm so sorry for what happened to you yesterday. I'm glad the security system didn't kill you. You really should have told us you were colourblind though.

For future reference Green is Top Left and Red is Top Right. So it's Top Right, Top Left, Top Right for the first 3." /i

Series of offices, those that had stuff in, has been heavily ransacked. The unseen servants have tried their best to clean up.
Few more skeletons at their desks. We do spot the corridor to where the tellers work.

found another memo

/i "Don't forget that they changed the 4-digit passcode to the vault. The first button is now Green." /i

The silver in the tellers throat, was a silver ingot there is also one lodged in her stomach. 

Employee of the month is Human Greg, now changed to Grork

Door to keyvault wedged open by a skeleton, bank uniform has a lot of holes in the front, all of the pens from the teller area has been jabbed into his chest.
His bones was broken by having the door slammed into him a couple of times.
Another skeleton buried by metal keys and that killed him.

Red 51: beam of red light shoots out: 2200 cp, 1000 sp, 80 gp, 3 x Bloodstone (50 gp), Citrine (50 gp), 2 x Jasper (50 gp), Quartz (50 gp), Sardonyx (50 gp), Star rose quartz (50 gp)
Purple 15: 25 5lb Silver, Ingots 2100 cp, 1300 sp, 110 gp, Bloodstone (50 gp), Chrysoprase (50 gp), 2 x Moonstone (50 gp), 2 x Quartz (50 gp), Star rose quartz (50 gp) 1 Silver Rod with a gem in the side(Immovable Rod)
Purple 101: 1800 cp, 1100 sp, 80 gp, Bloodstone (50 gp), 2 x Chrysoprase (50 gp), Onyx (50 gp), Quartz (50 gp), Sardonyx (50 gp), Star rose quartz (50 gp), Chime of Opening (rare, dmg 158), Elixir of Health (rare, dmg 168), Potion of Superior Healing (rare, dmg 187), A small sealed box made of very heavy metal similar to lead (Warded with a lot of protection magic, size of precon commander box).
Red 33: 400 cp, 8000 sp, 2100 gp, 150 pp, Bloodstone (50 gp), Chrysoprase (50 gp), Jasper (50 gp), Moonstone (50 gp), Quartz (50 gp), Sardonyx (50 gp), 2 x Star rose quartz (50 gp), Broom of Flying (uncommon, dmg 156). A beautiful mahogany case with brass handles and hinges, a beutiful set of golden cutlery.

Assay Office:
9 5 lbs silver ingots 200 sp, 70 gp 16 5 lb gold bars (250 gp) 40 gp, 7 pp.

Managers office: 
In the event of a disaster. Make sure all the vault charges detonate and engage the lockdown spells.
90 gp, 7 pp

Full of records. and a dead guy.

Special Operations:
Shark Skeleton.

Passcode: Is Green,Green,Red,Red

Vault in dragon's lair: 800 cp, 4000 sp, 1700 gp, 130 pp, Silk Robe trimmed with Ermine (250 gp), Carved Wooden Staff studded with Gold (250 gp), Gold Diadem set with Sardonyx (250 gp), Fine Steel Scepter (250 gp), Electrum Sickle (250 gp), Spell Scroll (Fear) (uncommon, dmg 200)

can go back for more keys.

Grorks 7th attempt
[The writing is rather sloppy, as if Grork was in a hurry when taking this note]
GRORK won all fights in the first NAHBRO events! Odhers brought Aeren to temple and took sword from him, he seems bedder now.
We leave, the weather was bad. By the time we arrive in the nesadäsh the rain got better. There is a lot of wind tho, lots of it. A swirl of wind surrounds us, SMALL CREATURES APPEAR! They are tiny, made of dust and have long noses. GRORK split one in half! almost got sand in me eyes.
Approaching orc fort cold wind greets us. GRORK not feeling cold! YOU FEEL COLD! DON'T LOOK AT GRORK LIKE THAT! ME NOT COLD! grork actually cold. Have look at fort, it been sacked again. Someone burned all bodies. Bjorn tell us happened shortly after we took care of keep. No one been here since. They went north afterwards. He den call him hork to pet, GRORK would do too if GRORK had hork. Aeren picks up Bjorn, don't kno why. We enter the pass, small pebbles hit our heads. Once thru the pass we end up on Lanzarote. Barely any plantlife here, all very dry also it got even colder. GRORK should buy a coat. 
Tracks go along mountains to the NorthWest. Hefen sees something in the NorthEast, over a few hills the top of a biiiiig statue, must be few 100ft about 5miles away. We head towards NE for the statue, the closer we get can tell it dragonborn. Has spear in hand, victory pose, standing on something. We make it to base. Can tell now statue really banged up. Oh no, ting being stood on is odher dragonborn wit crown! KingDragonborn. Can tell now it made from marble and must be older dhan 300years, so Dewey told. 
Bjorn pets hork again, then is silent for hour. We play with marbles and hop-scotch. Aeren wins, hefen not shure how to paly. Later tell us of savannah and greener plains where humienoids skulking around. 
We start heading west to try to find orcs. Takes us hours to find tracks again. They got out of the pass, round mountain than back again towards a cave. WE GO IN!
It nice in dhere, dry not too dark. Two orcs arguing about whether they should leave and run into the skull scrushers. Run into two largers orcs, GRORK almost got dhem fooled.
Me missed with attacks, Dewey slept for a bit but Aeren helped them up again. Dhey hit me really haad. GRORK KILL ONE OF THEM, Aeren dhe other.
Bjorn turns to wolf, Aeren jumps on the back and they are off into battle. Me follows quickly and run towards two orcs. GRORK LIGHTNING STRIKES! THREE ORCS DIERight orc did best to hit really hard, me almost fealt nothing. Me kill him good in return. OH NOES MORE ORCS and wolfs and blasterboys!
Everyone got hit so much, we barely made it. GRORK manages to intimidate an Urug and he flees! So do some Wolves. We make it out of there.
We see winged creatures eating corpses, they are sorta humienoid with wings and talon. They were feeding of some orcs, turns out those were missing patrol. Some were wearing fur, others tanned skin, maybe famous skullcrushers.
Spent next two days bravely running home. Dhere we tell great stories of our victories and how our enemies were cowards, as well as very easy to defeat.
Kills: sandbug, Orc(4), Uruk, Wolf(2)
Witnessed: Wolf, Blasterbois, uruk, orc
Case 14: The Lady of Winds
Expedition to the

Written on a napkin with a howling hatred sigil on it used as a bookmark. 

So I have fallen in with cultists. Again. This time they also will probably kill me if they figure out my secret. Again. 

Anyway the Howling Hatred has a nearly impregnable (Without flight, with flight very pregnable) at the edge of a cliff to the southeastern coast. With high walls and a tall fortified towers guarded by fanatical cultists who fly across their lands on giant vultures watching for any threats to their sages and seers who reside in the Lance, the giant mountain through which they commune with their Lord Yan-C-Bin the elemental prince of air. They wage war against the Black Earth, Servants of Ogremoch the Elemental Prince of Earth. Also they are not on good terms with the Crushing Wave cult, presumably of the elemental prince of water if I am seeing a theme here who reside across the bay to the south.  They have a great deal of eminently and have driven each other low in terms of manpower and moral. But even so reduced their fortress appears nearly unassailable. So we didn't. They Invited us in, and we went.

We met with their leader who informed us of a lot of this. Her name is Yssa, she is an absolutely towering manipulative elf who runs a cult of yuan-ti and kenku who worship an evil air god. I knew she was trouble as soon as we entered her office.  

Turns out she was on the lookout for us specifically due to a prophecy and it was foretold we would slay a Manticor. Aeren was on board instantly and after they promised us some magic items. We have simple motivations. 

So with the guidance of one of their more charming yuan-ti named Steven, wonderful fellow with a great work ethic, we found the lair of the manticor, a big one and its two companion manticors. And with stunning displays of acrobatics and valor we laid them low, in several component parts actually, the blood splatter went at least 50 feet. Aeren was very proud as were the Howling Hatred Cultists. They threw a big party for us, I had a lovely time chatting with some people about the whole culting experience. And then I learned to not challenge and Yuan-Ti to a drinking contest and my head still hurts. It was a bit of a blur after that but I got back to aasha okay, I am not sure how. I got substantially before anyone else. It was very odd. 


Bubble's Field Notes: Snek Steppes

Party of: Bubble (and Squeak), Dex, Hefen, Aeren, Kira (new friend!)

Spent 4 weeks of downtime learning Draconic with Zenwin, got splint barding for Squeak and bought a horse.

Set out to investigate the snek steppes to the east on the 18th Ornion

Headed south east along the coast, bitterly cold wind. Found the mouth of the river into the forest ~10 miles from town.

Beach widens out and turns south 16 miles from town. There are hills to the east from there, and shallow shoals out to sea to the west. We spotted a snowstorm over the hills, and a big mountain 16-20 miles south east from where the beach widens out.

Looking for "Fort Manticore", supposedly somewhere near the big mountain.

Decided to head to the mountain through the hills, ran into big snowstorm and then vulture riders!

The vulture riders were part of the Howling Hatred, and their leader had snakes for arms!!

Aeren talked to them, and we found out they worship Yan-C-Bin, Elemental Prince of air??

Apparently there's a prophecy?? About adventurers coming to help them??? We talked it over and decided to go with them, but I was pretty suspicious.

They want us to hunt a great beast for them – a Manticore! And it turns out they have more Kenku at their base :O

We camped overnight, but I still wasn't sure what their deal was so I snuk around with my sneaky spell to hear what they were saying. Had to get Dex to translate from Abyssal, but they didn't understand why "Yssa" was trusting this mission to outsiders. We spotted some Griffons on watch but they left us alone.

Also Aeren spoke to the big vultures, who speak common! Apparently they live on an Aerie on the coast? Also found out the Howling Hatred are fighting the Black Earth to the east, "evil" people they said. Also also whoever "Yssa" is to the Howling Hatred she's not "one of them" (snake person?).

Continued on in the morning, heading around the south-east side of the mountain. Arrived at Fort Manticore which is to the south of the mountain, about 16 miles from where we made camp.

Fort Manticore is really huge! I flew up on my broom (note: BROOM IS THE BEST THING, WAY BETTER THAN THE BOOTS) and into the vulture landing zone, but they told me to go through the front door :(

FM is on a cliff edge (south side), with big thick stone walls and a tower about 150ft high. Looks like it was guarded by more snek people (Yuan-Ti I think) and some Windy Bois™ (air elementals?). Spotted a barracks, a kitchen, stables and a pond.

Went back to join the others, were met at the front door by a lady with snakes for legs ("Nightmare Speaker"), led inside the tower. I saw some kenku!! Wanted to talk with them but we had to go inside.

Went inside, met with Yssa – she's a very tall (7 feet) and beautiful elf lady that Aeren said was from the Feywild(????). Apparently they Howling Hatred have seers who prophesied a group of adventurers would come to their aid. She said I was "Bubble the Pure" and I'll take it :)

We asked her some questions, turns out the Black Earth worship Ogremoch, elemental prince of earth (noticing a pattern here). The mountain the HH are near is called "The Lance" and they have a sacred place there where their people go to learn to FLY (?!?!). Explains why there's so many kenku with them (why haven't I heard of this place until now?) and they are offered "hope" from Yan-C-Bin.

So we agreed to take on this Manticore hunt in return for some stuff and headed back out to meet our guide. When we got outside I went to find the kenku, and met a new friend called [sound of beak tapping on wood] or Beak for short!! He's been here 3 years apparently. I gave him a present of Aeren's laughter and a ride on the broom, he seemed very happy but had to go back to work. As we left I could hear all the other kenku laughing like Aeren :D

We met our guide, another differently-snaked person (snake head, humanoid legs) called Thteeven, who took us to the north-west of the fort to a screaming canyon (around 8 miles away). The wind rushes through the canyon and makes a really spooky screaming noise, that'll be good to use later if I need to scare someone :)

We snuk up on the Manticore's lair with my sneaky sneaky spell, turns out there was one really big Manticore and two regular sized Manticores. So we set up a boulder trap, and I got Wesley, Rafiki and Axey from the bag to help. And then we lept into battle!

The boulder missed but we fought the two regular manticores easily, I took one down with an arrow and Kira made a really big noise that hurt them bad. The big one started flying and then Hefen did the COOLEST THING EVER!!! She ran up and PUNCHED THE BIG ONE OUT OF THE AIR AND PUNCHED IT MORE ON THE WAY DOWN, THAT SHIT WAS DOPE.

After some more fighting with help from Thteeven we slew the beasts, Aeren smiting the big one so hard it exploded. Then we found a bunch of loot! 3000sp, 2600gp, 100pp, 2x Amber, 2x Amethyst, 3x Jade, Pearl, Tourmaline and some Adamatine breastplate armor :O

We took the head and the tail back to the Howling Hatred and were greeted as heroes! Yssa gave us a choice of rewards and we took a "Ring of Free Action" whatever that is and they had a feast for us and Aeren got a special reward of SEX.

Feast was great fun, I told all the kenku about what happened with sound effects and gave them all rides on my broom, it was the best. Talked to Thteeven and the others some more, found out they have another fort at the base of the Lance at the pass, on the south side. Called it their "Bastion". Also apparently there's an even windier canyon not too far from where we fought the Manticore, and maybe an entrance to the Underdark???? Also to further east are wetlands and then where the Black Earth lives. And to the south over the water there's the swamps of the "Crushing Wave".

The next day we set out to head home, Dex had to go early but that was OK. Aeren came down eventually ;) ;) ;) and we decided to go look for the Windswept Canyon. We followed the loud wind from the Manticore canyon and found and even windier canyon with people on gliders that smashed into the cliff wall :S

I sensed around 20-30 cultists, we found a little settlement there with people learning to fly with kites. We tried to get in but they wouldn't let us, I think if we go back another time when they've heard about what we did it should be ok. Found another kenku friend called [sound of wind].

Then we decided to head home properly, went back through the hills, got caught in blizzard and had to camp. Went back the next day along the beach, ran into some Merrow and a Water Elemental but nothing we couldn't handle. Arrived back on the 21st of Ornion.


Bubble's Field Notes: Swamp Times

Part of: Aeren, Bubble, Hefen, Kaylesse, Yttria

Set out on 16th Assirion, heading West along the coast

Found another temple like the one with the Water Elemental

Camped on the 17th

Headed south from the temple around the point of the bay (~8 miles)

The bay curves around to the West, found ruined village, and big spooky tower on the South side of the inlet

Crossed a big river at Harrison's Ford

Found gnolls, carrying a red scale – fought the kobolds

Camped on the 18th

Arrived at Swamp, which runs North-West to South-East and reaches the sea from the mountains

About 5-6 hours South-South West from the edge of the swamp is an old stone pyramid (Ziggurat), made of old yellow stone covered in algae

There's a road heading North West from the temple

Sensed squad of 8 Lizardmans

Engraved skulls of Dragonborn on the pyramid

Ziggurat named "The Final Resting Place"

Ziggurat is 500m on a side – a mausoleum, necropolis. Most recently buried around 823-901

Elemental stone puzzle inside, flooding rooms, also Wights

My orangutan punched a wight's head off

Found: jade dagger, 1 pp, 14sp, 6gp

Crossed gap with Aeren's tackle

Found arena with animal statues – Hippo, Monkey, Dinosaur, Crocodile. Test of strength. Get balls in holes.

Found ZOMBIE BEHOLDER and more Wights

Fought them, Tiger distracted zombie beholder

Found: 1 potion of superior healing, 1 potion of clairvoyance, 150pp, 47gp, 1 Amber, 3 Amethyst, 3 Garnet, Jade, Pearl

Found: Warhammer, Bonesmasher. Chainmail with eclipse symbol (chainmail of resistance).

Rested on 19th.

Headed back, found lizardmen corpses, two factions fighting each other (Fangs vs Green Scale)

Fought animals and such, arrived back on the 21st of Assirion

Case 13: The Bank Job

I finally got a chance to see the fallen city of waterpass. Lovely place, half flooded and filled with the horrors that inhabit this fallen lands. Except the bank, the bank looks perfect, every stone is clean and it stands their radiant around the decay that surrounds it. I know money works to protect itself but this is absurd. It took the magical strength of my good friend Bjorn who I have been far to mean too (I am convinced he reads this, he is nosey)  to open the door. We discovered the inside was just as well preserved as the exterior. It appears that someone else had heisted the bank before we got here.

Also it appears the safety deposit boxes work via a dimensional vault that is nearly failsafe. YOu need the key of the owner of the vault and the bank's key to make it function. We found a distressing amount of wealth in these vaults. Our real estate investment plans are looking much more manageable. 

We managed to enter the proper vault through guessing the passcode with some help of poor security practices  (Green Green Red Red ). Inside we found some automaton defenders which we smashed and a young cave dragon, we left before the mother of that dragon which took the bulk of the vault as its horde could show up and destroy us for killing its child. Overall this was probably our most monetarily successful expedition. 

Grorks 6th attempt

[Look at that, GRORK is getting better at this]

Alas, poor skraggi! Me hardly knew 'im.
We set out to clear a town and so we did.

First day make good distance, no blood hawks or odher tins annoy us. Camp at temple and tell Aeren of under waahda city and old spooky lady. Next day is raining, can't see too far. But we know that the tower is there, we know, across the bay, it can't hide. It has secrets and needs. The trip through the hills and plains are un-eventfull. North of the river and redleaf we see a band 4 gnolls. We did bad at sneaking, still got the drop on them! As per Clovers wish, we drag the hunters to the river and throw them in, dhad called burial rites. We camp and fart around until sunrise.
Aeren greets us and the morning with a hearty smile and loud voice. It a nice crisp morning, we make way across the river, towards redleaf.
Again we go over  wall BUT NO ONE HERE! except for one gnoll tied to barricade. Dhey looks ruff, like a week long ruff. Aeren lays on hands juuust right and starts interrogating dhem. After Skraggi tells us what we wanted to know, last ting was dhems name, Aeren fullfills wish STABS HIM RIGHT IN THE FACE!
Wolfman smells corpses to the north, go there to take care of threat. A gnoll is eating odher gnolls while hanging out wit some gnoll adjacent creatures at a corpse heap. Dhem quickly discared and looting can start. Me find the letters "G, r, o, r". Several buildings are marked with an upside down cross (atleast 10).
In  warehouse we find ritual circle for the demon gob Yeenoghu (blood for the gnoll gob). Under the farmers cooperative theres a SECRET TUNNEL to a vault, we find cash money. Inside the vault is a secret wall. Couldn't open it with me head. Aeren find a button to open it. We end up in a creepy farmhouse with creepy loot. Aeren starts to ramble incoherently and has to go lay down.
We spent the rest of the day looking for Gnoll tracks. About 30+ wit hyenas went west.
Next day eventually after half a day out of RL, Bjorn notices gnolls split into smaller parties off from a bigger party that keeps heading west. In the kobold plains now are some nomadic gnolls.
Threw Skraggi into the sea. Was emotionally draining so have to rest long.
From readleaf it takes half day to tower on odhers side of bay. We get close enough to see, it black not just dark stone, almost featureless. Bjorn starts nagging about the area not being safe, Clover is totes fine. As we are watching the tower, 5 gnoll hunters walk up to us and start shit. GRORK HAVING NONE OF IT! turn one into fine paste. Clover hits us with a bursting arrow. In revenge me baseball strike decapitate last gnoll and hit his head into clovers direction, dhey get hit in the head by the head. Me continue to spin and chop the gnoll into many more pieces, spilling gore everywhere. What a day. Aeren gets mad at clover and attacks dhem, clover torques it and bjorn sits on the chasing Aeren. We camp. In the south is a big swamp, that we can see from the cliffs.
Next day we go hunt some boar, encounter Piggy and Viggy as Aren named dhem. GRORK BEFRIENDED VIGGY! The others kill Piggy and take their bacon.
Stick around for the night of 1st Empirion, the tower should be active. We spent the rest of the day smoking bacon. Jastra can see it glow, others can't, Bjorn only as wolf, Viggiy is scared. Aeren asks both about it. We retreat from it, as it makes them uneasy. at 3-4am it stops glowing
Break camp and see a group of 6 lizardfolk ahead. They seem to be a scouting party that we snuck up on. Three of 'em line up, so can force javelin them. The one closest dies. Kill another one, it was pestering Jastra. Bjorn manages to track their trail, they came from the swamps. We head home, at nighttime we reach the temple and camp there.
As we arrive at Aasha late in the evening, GRORK plays song of his people on new bagpipes.

Kills: bottom gnoll, hyena, sharp tooth gnoll, bow Gnoll (now paste), odher scaleyfolk
Wittnessed: left and right bow gnoll, two halves of gnoll, Skraggi, widderling, hyena, piggy (friend of viggy)
Befriended: VIGGY

Report of Standard-bearer Aeren Nai’lo of House Nai’lo on the Snake Cultist Tower

Mission: Seek and destroy Snake Cultists that were reported near the flashing tower to the west – The air to the throne


Intrigue and bravery! We fell upon the cultists in their stronghold and pitched battle was joined. They seem to be snake people in the guise of humans who worship some deity of air or other. Details were not important, glorious battle was joined! Daggers flew and spells raged as Schist and I cut our way through the melee. Von Connery impersonated one of the fiends to get us closer to our goal. We even fought a summoned manifestation of the air itself and slew the mad cultist leader that summoned it.


We emerged as heroes, victorious and returned home. We have not seen the last of these cultists however


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