Lost Empire of Aasha

Plumbing the Depths of Waterpass
We found a lingerie store and sold it

still more orc infighting between Oggha's crew and Skull Crushers

vast sprawling forest to the northwest going north
city stuff north of pass, roughly 6 hours travel
north east is plains w/ bigger trees
north of statue is a small lake and river ~4 hours roughly due east of city, fed by river to the west
The lake used to be a lot bigger, there is a depression where the river flowed south.

field boundaries before city
farmland extends an area 8 miles across
city is about a mile, mile and a half in the middle of the farmland
substantial walls encircling the city proper, on a large hill northern end of city, a walled in citadel.
river flowing, through city, used to be wider.
northern half of city is underwater, 2-3 feet, dam is in the city. (1/2 to 1/3 flooded)
inner city is roughly 1 sq. mile
Much bigger than Aasha
Similar architecture to Aasha, much grander scale.
first prominent temple is very ruined, the layout is the same as the temple, stairs down blocked by rubble, magic amid the centre of the swirly pattern, pinging very faintly. transmutation magic, faintest amount of necromancy magic.
1st temple of waterpass, nothing salvageable in ít.
Hefens working theory: certain that the mosaic is representing something, realize that each individual ball of energy is clearly defined and carefully done in a different colour, all moving in the same direction.
Statue in the huge plaza mimicking pose of large statue in plains, what can be read on the plaque is: name of the Northern Provinces defeating the emperor.

Shop, had protection charms, very faint, lots of underwear and lingerie inside. lots of fancy socks as well. has a cellar, hidden by a lever. had a winecellar underneath. has a door to the sewers. tunnels one end is collapsed.
In the sewers other shop has lots of books, 2 letters besides safe 1 was it's only business, other was an assination request of someone belonging to clan linxakasendalor.
Assasination to take place at a masquerade ball in town at a mansion.

harpies confirmed not humanoid.

road northern side of the damn heads north east, from the river.

city called venetica
river named phoenix

Grorks 5th attempt

GRORK found dictunary! But we still have to return to school. Someone forgot bag with gym clothes last time. Should take better care of their tings. Weadder awful, damp mist gets everywhere, makes us cold. But we still make good pace. Passing the split tree we see fungus giving us the finger. RUDE! All day we wander thru woods, WHERE NOTHING HAPPENED. Hefen makes amazing meal for all.
After a goods night rest we continue on. apparently we follow the sun, but isn't visible. GRORK don't get it. Odhers discuss if world globe or plane, all crazy talk to GRORK. We finally out of woods in gerblin planes, not very fancy location. But it had a road once, south it leads to the castle formerly known as gerblin burg, north east it must lead to school. So we follow it, at end of day we reach schol but camp just shy of it. Hefen cooks another splendid meal for another peaceful night.
We have arrived! First we check on manes in east building. But nothing left, someone been cleaning. Wish same would happen in GRORKs room, but me have to clean viggy mess myself. We climb broken stairs to look around upstairs. Many beds dhere, me feet cold, should get new socks. While looting we find ghost of old scaleyperson. Tells us to book it, odhers try reason wit dhem, sorta works. We good now. In a storage room we distrub two armored ghosts. Me pull a Schist on one of em and slice it in halve from the groin up. Got a plate helmet from it, will give to Aeren later.
After lunch we off to west building. Looking in all windows Hefen checks for monsters. Some fangly tings are in dhere. As we politely walk in we see another giant spoider trying to hide on the ceiling. Hefen gets webbed but also revenge on it, filled with bloodlust dhey runs down the corridor and kills another spoider with fists of light. A fangly ting comes right at me, gets split in half for that! Followed by another one split right down the middle.
Upstairs is, again, hell. Three spoiders, a lump of many spoiders and one of dhem purple mens are here.  The lump went for Schist. Aerens trusty lighning rod in GRORK capable hands took care of two spoiders and me hit the etercap good. After looting stuff we find a locked door with a riddle on it, we don't  bother wit it and leave. Odhers figured out who cleans place, it not seen servant, poor sob has to work with broken broom, we should get new one. It drags cropses away, so we follow to dedicated corpse square. No one took care of it, so there pieces of corpses everywhere. The others play with the bits lying around, afterwards we go back to the ghost and tell him he did good.
The next day schist leads us back to dheir roange triangle trail markers. We take route along north edge of forrest close to Näsadesh. As we set up camp figure appears out of a tree, leaves in beard, wearing fur. Hefen recognize it Bambi! Dhem tell us of prison south of school, for dhe bad boys. Also evil presence. Also lets slip dhey elf/human racist. Unimpressed by Bambi me has very good sleep.
Rest of walk home nothing happens, GRORK BORED.

Kills: fangly ting, spoider (twooo), armored ghost
Wittnessed: giant spoider, purple man, lump of many spoiders

A tomb was found and it had traps
The traps were full of pain

A hastily scribbled note in Bjørns handwriting.


Statue is found in the hilly bits of the goblin plains

Recent hobgoblin patrol near the statue, heading east to west.
Assume were-rat tracks south to north – tracks double back and headed east.
Yuan-ti tracks near the hills north of statue.

Fuzzok (Were-rat) yielded in combat to avoid dying.
From the statue head directly south, and find ruins to find the warren. Old town, hiding under it.


Green Banners With lions on them:
first puzzle was a skyrim combination lock.
second puzzle:
Stare death in the face – east wall enemies were skeleton faced

lots of traps

third room – show strength of body and mind
segmented corridor, 1st segment was spinning blades careening across the segment.
2nd segment is cieling crushers.
3rd segment was a fear rune.

Ser Torinn – The Lion of Summerland
"I was the bravest of three but last to fall
The Emperor's life were we tasked to save
We failed our duties one and all
And followed our lord into the grave

In death we guard the Emperor still
His tomb hidden from warring households
Though our bodies decay, our duty never will
Each of us a secret holds

A Knight is forged by trials three
All our virtues must you show
Two more tests lie ahead of thee
Then will a Knighthood the Emperor bestow

Youngling you have passed the first test
Next seek out the wily fox
Find their tomb, their hidden nest
With, speed and cunning defeat their locks

West of Waterpass did they roam
North of the peaks, in verdant wood
We buried them in their adopted home
Go now, forward, on the path to Knighthood"

hobgoblins headed west

Case 11: The Trials of Knighthood

Found writing the margins of a section on coven defenses and protective wards in the book of shadows. 

So apparently I stumbled unto the first steps on the Ancient Aashan path to knighthood. I traveled off with the group to the east to find the tomb that the wererats spoke of. We found some wererats and a tomb but it might not have been the correct one as the wererats thought it should have a rat king in it? Fuzzok the wererat we met outside of the tomb told us this. He was sufficiently pitiful that Bjorn actually let him him go after he was helpful and let us know the wererat lair is to the south in the basements of an abandoned town. This tomb is in the center of the map the yuan-ti had which was helpful in getting a reference for the rest of that map. 

Also tracks of note found during in the trip here snake, probably yuan-ti, tracks going north to south, east to west hobgoblin tracks and north to south wererat tracks. 

Inside the tomb which apparantly was that of Ser Torinn there was a variety of irritating traps, If you have the ability to make pillars of stone retract back and forth forever using to crush grain you jerks.  This was the tomb had a variety of inscriptions which I need to note down here. 

Here lies Ser Torinn, The Lion of Waterpass
Keep her memory in your hearts.
Only the worthy may pass.

The path to Knighthood begins with a lonely vigil.

To serve the Dragon Emperor on the Amber Throne is the highest honour.
A Knight must embody the virtues that all aspire to.

(Left) A Knight must be as strong and brave as the lion
(Centre) A Knight must be as swift and cunning as the fox
(Right) A Knight must be as wise and charming as the raven

A Knight must remain steadfast, and stare death in the face.

A Knight must show strength of body and of mind

Only the pure of heart can find that which is hidden in plain sight.

The following was on the tomb of the Knight. 

I was the bravest of three but last to fall
The Emperor's life were we tasked to save
We failed our duties one and all
And followed our lord into the grave

In death we guard the Emperor still
His tomb hidden from warring households
Though our bodies decay, our duty never will
Each of us a secret holds

A Knight is forged by trials three
All our virtues must you show
Two more tests lie ahead of thee
Then will a Knighthood the Emperor bestow

Youngling you have passed the first test
Next seek out the wily fox
Find their tomb, their hidden nest
With, speed and cunning defeat their locks

West of Waterpass did they roam
North of the peaks, in verdant wood
We buried them in their adopted home
Go now, forward, on the path to Knighthood.

And then on a scrap of paper inside the tomb, don't worry about how we got at it. 

I watch the birth and death of kings
I last beyond all living things
I am the oldest in the land
I am the greatest boulder, the finest sand
I stand on the deepest rock below
I touch the skies where the winds blow
I am where the rivers fountain


So there is a mountain nearby or a puzzle we need to answer mountain to. Anyway I need to go relax because getting crushed by a giant crushing pillar is hell on your back. 

Bubble's Field Notes: Water Elemental Extermination Services

Set out on 4th of Empyrion, party of Bubble, Aeren, Hefen, Von Connery and Bjorn

Headed east from town to split tree, then north to the temple (3 hours travel)

Outside of ruined temple, looks like scouts might be using it occasionally

Saw a swirling mosaic where the center of ceremonies would be

Went down into crypt, got the drop on the Water Elemental

Rushed in, fought and killed Water Elemental, everyone made it out ok

Found treasure room behind: 700cp, 7000sp, 1700gp, 100pp

Also found gemstones: 2 jade, 2 tourmaline, 1 pearl, 2 amethyst, 2 garnet. Later sold for 864gp.

Found fancy mace – Dawnbringer. Does extra radiant damage.

Found 1x Potion of Speed

Elemental fight didn't take long, so we went on a scouting expedition to the north

Headed north for 3 1/2 hours, made it to Nesadesh and saw a fort close by – end of the day. Took a long rest.

Got attacked by lions – killed lions

Stealthily approached fort, saw Orcs guarding it – roughly same size as the first Orc Fort, but with a smaller number or Orcs, no more than 12-15

Speculated that Orcs may have been sent to Orc Fort 1 – thinning forces

Scouting completed, headed back home, arrived back on 5th Empyrion.

Report of Standard-bearer Aeren Nai’lo of House Nai’lo on the Orc Cave
Mission: Recon in force north of the Orc Fort in the Nesadesh

Valour and glory!

Clad in my new armour and carrying my new shield, with my old longsword in hand we set out. After Hefen and Bjorn took a frankly terrifying approach to helping me rid myself of the cursed sword I had come to wield (which I am holding for safekeeping) we set out to find what lay beyond the Orc fort.

Hefen, Bjorn, their high spirits continuing, my good friend and client in the fighting pits Grork and the swashbuckling Dewey all set out together on this endeavour.

We trekked north, past the fort and found tracks. Following these lead us to a cave, full of Orc, with larger ones seemingly in charge. These brutes were armoured in some gross parody of my own protection, with parts clearly stolen from the officers of the town guard of Aasha but we combined our efforts to bring them down.

Then we attacked the second group, Bjorn in his wolf form gave me a look and I knew without words what he intended. This time it didn’t even involve Jimmy being down a well. I leapt heroically onto his back and we charged to the fight. More of the suicidal sappers attacked and Bjorn had to deal with them but in the end we triumphed.

We left the cave, after giving the Orcs a bloody nose,  but we will be back

Case 10: The silvered depths

Written in the blank spaces of a diagram depicting the mines in which the eye of the Dread Alderian was discovered with its many fractal like branches carving a scene of unnerving labyrinth made of stone and rock. Which has been "solved" with a crayon and is signed Grork. 

So apparently my coworkers met with a gnome ghost at some point and never mentioned this to me until we were halfway to this silver mine they have been talking about. Turns out they got the hint from a ghost. Anyway this was across the plains to the east that was formerly full of gnolls. The ones that killed some of this group before I showed up. Got to see the statuary that was left of the gnolls. After finding some 8 legged lizard tracks our helpful druid Bjorn identified the culprit of both as a a basilisk which happened to be heading right towards we expected the mine to be. They are dumb as rocks according to Zenwin, so once we got to the silver mine we looted the exterior buildings for any mirrors we could find. We also found another of those hexigonal keys and some notes about the following silver shipments around the region, including Summerset academy which is likely the school we cleared out a few weeks back. 

Silver Mine Shipments. 
Statue Repairs Glasswinter 
Earl of Bedigar
1st Bank of Waterpass 

Then I had Fred phase me out this reality a little bit and I was able to safely place the mirror so the lizard could only see its own ugly mug and none of the rest of us. Shortly thereafter Schist neutered the petrified beast with a pickaxe. Descending deeper into the mines we found an angler wurm which is a terrifing pink tube of flesh that tried to eat us and a ooze in the shell of a dead beetle. Schist got coated in the ichor of both, again. There was one path closed off in the mines that might bear further investigation but it was closed off in a hurry. Someone probablyt dug to deep, again. We might want to see if we can put down whatever the ancient miners unleashed before it spreads its foul influence across the land, again. 

We searched the silver mine
There was a worm

In Bjørns writing a hastily scribbled note is found:

Town next to silver mine, some buildings left standing, next to big building is entrance to mine. 
Large-ish two-storey building – admin office. Sign on admin office says: Dennisons Mining Incorporated.

Warehouse. Unloaded ore, two rail tracks with loop, 1 unloading place, smaller trolleys heading towards processing. Other side has a row of stables almost, small platform, on track is minecarts.
little rusted but should work.
building is stone base, thin sheet metal protecting top part. Ore brought up, empty carts brought down.

Got a mirror there.

Buildings are either rusted metal or sunbleached wood. 

Ledger in office: Shipments
Summerlands Academy, once every 6 months.
Statue repairs: Glasswinter
Earl of Bedegar
1st Bank of Waterpass

production starting to wane.

In Mine:
Basilisk stoned itself
Skittering Nonsense in corridors
Makeshift animal pens deep down
found the shai-halud
also found an oozy scarab beetle, it wasn't the best for punching

Grorks 4th attempt

[Both writing and spelling have gotten better, but the page looks a bit gnawed on and covered in snot]

WE GO ORC HUNTING! Odthers told me of mean orcs in Nähsadesh, dey hunt'n'kill humienoids. NOT NICE! GRORK WON'T ACCEPT! Also Bubbles repeats story of orc hammering self and tell story of treasur. Promies of gold always motivates group of frands.
Leave early to make to way towards plains, reach old run down campground and spend night. In dark we see little lights go nooth.
The next day we advance towards the fort. Dex and Ishmerai creep closer and scout the inside. They return with an almost complete map!
We lay low during the day to ambush any passing patrols. Not what GRORK usully does but always eager to try new tings.
WHAT A WASTE! no patrols came by. we stayed until fires in the fort went out and then stealthed to its walls. GRORK and AEREN too loud for sneaking and Bjorn can't see at night, so Dex and Ish slip inside by themselves and kill all sleeping orcs. GRORK not sure about that way to fight. Once done, dhey signal us to follow into another building. We surprise two orcs playing cards. The noise from hurting them alerts an orc from upstairs and a robed one, he kept shouting gruumsh in a weird accent. Stairs-orc chickens out and runs downstairs, me goes after and gracefully axes him in the back. The other soon follow with the corpses of our foes.
We find a blood altar and on the other side a barred up door, written on it: "Don't mang open inside". We decide not to mang. Further down the hallway we surpise four orcs, the sound of killing two makes an immense  orc appear behind me. HE HIT GRORK HADR! IT OOGHA! Aeren standing on his table challenges him, but Wolf throws him at wall before he reaches Aeren. HE DIES! REVENGE FOR GRORK! Aeren starts the looting by taking ooghas head, tieying it to his banner.
Everyone takes books from mages room, me starts reading a book about dragonborn servant girl.
Oh no, we failed to fool some orcs, dhey have dragonborn captured. One grabs a horn and makes much noise, so we kill them. OH NO! BlasterBoys show up. One blows, the other gets killed which summons an Orclady with elven hands. Not very stylish if you ask GRORK. I KILL HER! Not due to fashion disagreement, but because she can melt arms! Me need arms, to hold axe and write all this stuff. Might be important to have all written down in future!
During all that more Orcs show up, what a mess! We build makeshift barricade made out of Aeren and me, to block tunnel. We fell one orc after another, the last one tries to run but Aern puts his hammer down and stops him. Dex blows him up, bits everywhere! The dragonborn hostage is holding it together. We check out cool corpse hole, but nothing to see there.
After all the fighting we enjoy the vista from the tower. We were too curious and went into open inside room. It is tomb, big armor came right at us so we torqued it right out of there. COWARD DIDN'T FOLLOW! We check alll groundfloor and find secret trapdoor in the  smithy. Down there we find bed and treasure chest! Aeren ripped the lid off, now it worthless. But inside we found coins and new gloves for GRORK! Feel stronger when wearing! Thankfully we find way out, got crowded in tiny room. Finally we find nice pictures in the orc storage.
We spend next day and night at keep, to head out home once hostage who actually is guardsman fully rested.
Aeren took Ooghas sword, but something changed him. He gave all other weapons away, me hope he alright. BUT GRORK GOT FANCY NEW JAVELIN NOW. Only been gone for 3 days, good to be home.
But GRORK has feeling forgot something.

Kills: Orc, Orc with shield, Orclady
Wittnessed: one eyed Orc, Oggha, Orc with bow, BlasterBoy

Bjørns notes on the north
it sucks, there are more exploding orcs.

North of pass,

statue to the NE, Statue is a victory monument, standing on top of another creature, old weathered, lichen, haft of the spear is broken off. Standing on another dragonborn, wearing a crown. older than 300 years.
Orcs went NW

From Statue
NE of statue terrain shifts, becomes more of a grassy dry plains, savannah.
N is greener plains
Movement to the north, humanoids

Skullcrushers are north in new savannah.

Cave in the western mountain(Orog Cave):
Ancient tiles, walls hewn out.
Larger orcs, wearing ramshackle metal armour, Orog gains position of power in orc societies

Harpies in the savannah, eating orc corpses, 2 different orc tribes, ogghas crew and possibly Skull crushers(different armor, more leathery in the hide they are wearing, different tattoos)


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