Sharuhen Oceanborn - *Deceased*

Triton Fighter


Sharuhen is a small framed and athletically built female Triton with teal skin and pearleascent blue eyes. The side of her neck is adorned with gills and her hands and feet are adorned with webbing.

Her hair is naturally black, but is entwined with various whites, greens, blues and yellows that has been dyed in streaks.

Her face and body is adorned with scars from her previous mis-adventures, including a large one across her cheek.

Her body and face is adorned in swirly light tattoos resembling waves and wind.


Sharuhen doesn’t know which part of the sea she came from or who her original family was. The great ship Carchadon is the only home she’s known, and the crew of it her only family. Ignoring the fact that they kidnapped her at a very young age and raised her as one of their own. She imagines it’s because her natural swimming abilites was perfect for diving into the deep to scavange sunken wrecks, or just scrapping barnacles off from the hull.

Her adoptive father, the half-orc Morobak was the captain of this mighty vessel. Morobak had a clear moral code: 1. We don’t kill children, unarmed or those who have surrendered. 2. We don’t sink ships unless we have to. 3. We leave them with enough resources to get back to shore. And finally 4. Your only loyalty lies with the crew. And it worked, for the most part, sometimes one of the crewmates got rowdy and demanded greater spoils or more bread at dinner, and if they crossed Morobak… they didn’t live terribly long.

As Sharuhen grew up into a capable young woman, she noticed her father grew more and more restless with this life. He started expressing a desire to leave it all behind and settle down, maybe on a farm, he’d take her with him if she wanted, or leave her as the captain of the ship. She very much liked the sound of the latter. On Sharuhen’s 27th birthday Morobak gathered the crew, with the plan for one final adventure, to find The Treasure of Doomed Captains, something he’d been gathering information about for years, said to include endless powerful magic trinkets and mountains of gold, enough to buy a small nation. Or in Morobak’s case, enough to start a new life.

And after months at sea, they finally located what they believed to be the location where the treasure rests. Morobak, Sharuhen and a small crew went to shore to locate the cave. When they finally entered, all they could find was a scabbard placed upon an altar, nothing more. Disappointed the group returned to shore, only to see the Carchadon in flames, and infront of them the banner of the Vrilja, a ruthless fleet of Elvish pirates as their captain landed on the shore infront of them…

Everything that followed was a blur, with the scabbard forced into her hand she could hear Morobak’s voice echo in her head, telling her to swim, swim as fast as you can and start the life I never could. She did, she swam as fast as she could as she heard the screams of her family she left behind echo into the ocean.

Months later, in a small rowboat she bought from a few fishermen, Sharuhen hits land in Aasha now torn between two choices, avenge her family or start a new life like Morobak wanted… one thing is certain, she’s going to need a lot of gold.

Sharuhen Oceanborn - *Deceased*

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