Lost Empire of Aasha

Bubble And Friends' Sea Cave Adventure

Another day, another adventure! After my last two trips out I did some fight training to get stronger, but it didn't go too well so I'll stick to the outdoors. On the 20th of Aurinion, I joined another group going on an adventure to a Sea Cave! This time it was the gnome Schist, the elf Ishmerai and two new friends – a half-elf named Aeren and an elf named Aoife. They heard there might be treasure in the cave! Schist was also looking for a lost dragonborn girl.

We left by the West gate, and Aeren bought a donkey. It was nice to travel through the plains again, and I told everyone about the huts for the Blood Hawks! It didn't take long for us to get to the cave, and we found some blue fabric on a bush that might be a clue about the lost child! There were dragonborn tracks that we followed down the cliffside to the cave, where we found strange people in robes who attacked us! After we dealt with them we went inside, and found more of them working in there – there was also a room with a big printing slab that was making leaflets about the lost child. I was able to distract them by making the sounds of their comrades and a lion, and we dispatched them as well. Also it seems everyone but me could see in the dark! At one point Aoife made Aeren's helmet glow so I could see, which was nice. There were also prison cells but no-one was in them. We kept going and found some more cultists (which is what the others called them), who had a leader who was some sort of Sea Orc (?) with a very dangerous looking sword, which we took for safe-keeping after we dealt with them. Schist said we should keep one of them prisoner, so we tied one up and the gnome asked her questions. He seemed very upset when it turned out there was no lost child and it was just a trick to lure people here. We also found a letter from Gorbol to Balue which we've put on the noticeboard. It mentioned something called the "Howling Hatred." Further into the cave there was a big chamber with pillars, a statue and more cultists and one reading from a book! The one we captured had talked about a Demon Lord so we decided to stop whatever they were doing. After we fought, Aoife said to smash up the big statue because it was unholy. In the last part of the cave we found the treasure! There was a lot of copper, silver and some gold and gems which we divided up between us. There was also a big fork (called a bident, I think). Having cleared the cave, we went back out and had a quick rest while Aeren loaded up the donkey with the cultists' swords. While resting, I looked at the bident and had a strange vision! I saw a triton pirate with an eyepatch summoning lightning! I don't know what this means exactly, but this fork seems like something Saruhen would like. All of this took us most of the afternoon, and we were able to make it back to town in time for tea.



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