Lost Empire of Aasha

Captain's Log, Date Aurinion 16th Year 877

Exploring the ruins and freeing the keep

Oooh dear, where to start where this one… 

Right, so I was traveling east to check out those ruins and that keep. My party consisted of that dwarven explorer again, a beardy man who'd assume the form of a lion, a slimey rogue and finally a bard who ABSOLUTELY KICKED EVERYONES ASSES. ahem 

Okay, I don't remember that she kicked everyone's asses, but everyone told me she did. I might have gotten knocked out a few times, turns out that you should not run head-first into big hairy goblins. Anyways, getting ahead of myself… So we first set off to the ruins, I put a roadmarking on the form of a circle on the split tree to show future travelers they're heading the right way. The ruins were kind of a bust, the other party had already cleared it out, except for the big water elemental guardian guy who despite my attempts to speak to him only told us to 'LEAVE', so ontowards the keep we go.

Billy… Bjerd? Bjård. Ugh, I can't remember his name… anyways, he claims he was visited by some kind of antler-man in the night telling us to clear out the keep from 'The Blight', I mean we were doing that anyways, but sure Antlerman. (We named him Bambi.)

The keep was honestly not in great shape, it reminded me a lot of Captain Greentoes' poor excuse for a pirate fort, it's not a fort if a whole wall is missing Greentoes! The keep was beset with goblin-kin, including a big hairy bastard who I gunned for, to be honest… I don't remember much from that point onward. I woke up inside a large box and by that time everyone was dead… At least I'm not and I'm only here for the treasure anyways. Which I will say we found a decent amount of, not like when you finally catch a big juicy navy ship but still a respectable amount. I even found a bag of holding! annoyingly the group saw my find and insist that we "Shaaare" it, ugh.

What else? I mean we just looted up all the weapons and valuables and started heading home, where we encountered another goblin party and holy shit was I amazing, there was this other big hairy guy and he was like "MWAHAHAH I WILL SLAY YOU" and hit me with his big club, knocking me down, but I was like "You're like a baby, watch this" and did a backflip and sliced his head off! 

Okay… I might not have done a backflip… or gotten the kill, but I was really cool okay? And I roughed him up for uhhh… Bjäd? Bjöd. to come in to finish him off, sending the rest of the goblins packing. 

Not much else of note happened, Bambi didn't want to meet with us yet, so we just headed home. The party insisted we donate all the armor and weapons we found to the local guard… I will say I was very hesitant at first, however, thinking about it, getting the locals on my side could be good for future "opportunities". 

Alright log, see you next time.

Arilien Solora'n, Morobak.



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