Lost Empire of Aasha

Expedition mounted to explore and secure the cave by the sea

Stiff resistance and a swift sea breeze

20th Ornion – Report of Standard-bearer Aeren Nai’lo of House Nai’lo

Justice and honour! I was greatly pleased to find myself in the company of keen hunters, nimble fighters and expert ambushers.

Patient Aoife, long suffering and dependable; master trickster and hunter, Bubble of the skilled shot, imitator of any and tactician of prowess; Ishmerai, the cunning knife in the dark and Schist! How can I describe Schist? The graceful elegance of a stone cold killer, The Swift Wind of Stiff Death. I name him “Dorn chwest” (Stiff Breeze), Flowing yet powerful.


We set out on our travels and quickly discovered Schist’s missing girl had probably come this way.

After travelling southwest down the coast, we came to a cliff path leading down to the mouth of a cave. Inside, dread cultists languished. Smiling as Aoife looked on in with resignation, she lit up my helmet to show others the way as I charged to the fore. Ishmerai struck from the shadows and Bubble from afar. Then came Schist, dancing through the fray and slayed many foes that day.

We continued through the cavern using Bubble to distract, ensnare and ambush the cultists where possible until we discovered someone who appeared to be meeting them, one we described as a “Sea Orc”. I have never met one of these creatures before, but I slew it with a mighty throw of my javelin as it rushed to attack my new friends.

We also discovered a primitive printing press pounding plates of poor propaganda (Say that three times fast my friends!) looking to lure in hearty adventurers such as ourselves who might come to save the children they pretended to exist. Schist alas was taken in by this as we capture one of the cultists to interrogate. We also discovered the letter we put on the noticeboard

Continuing on, we found a chamber full of yet more cultists and their apparent leader. Charging in we quickly defeated them before they could summon whatever fell monstrosities they were attempting to petition. Aoife insisted we destroyed the statue and burned the bodies which I assisted with, and we returned to town having done a good deed.


My confidence in these adventurers grows day by day, yet I still miss my companions in Silver.




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