Lost Empire of Aasha

You step into the tavern, your clothes soaked with rain. As you close the door and head for the large hearth at the far wall, the innkeep appears from a backroom. They look you up and down and fold their arms. “Hello stranger. Quite a weather we’re having, ey?”. You nod, stepping a little closer to the warmth of the fire. The innkeep suddenly notices the weapons you carry “Ah!” they say with a look of recognition “You’re one of those crazy daredevils, come to explore the wilds. In that case, first drink’s on the house and you can pick whatever food you want from the menu for free. Everyone deserves a proper last meal.”

The once great port town of Aasha sits at the tip of a large bay on a continent, all but abandoned. It used to be home to a vast empire, but that was generations ago. Now it is all but forgotten. Yet, the allure of uncovered wonders and treasure without equal are a powerful draw for adventurers foolish enough to brave the dangerous wilds of the lost continent.

The players will set out from the town of Aasha and explore on their own terms, taking on whatever locations they want. They will be encouraged to do write ups about their session, both for each other and for those following along.

There will also be a monthly podcast in which the GMs and some of the players discuss that month's adventures and what people are planning next.

The plan is to start somewhere in July 2017. More information will follow soon.