Lost Empire of Aasha

A tomb was found and it had traps

The traps were full of pain

A hastily scribbled note in Bjørns handwriting.


Statue is found in the hilly bits of the goblin plains

Recent hobgoblin patrol near the statue, heading east to west.
Assume were-rat tracks south to north – tracks double back and headed east.
Yuan-ti tracks near the hills north of statue.

Fuzzok (Were-rat) yielded in combat to avoid dying.
From the statue head directly south, and find ruins to find the warren. Old town, hiding under it.


Green Banners With lions on them:
first puzzle was a skyrim combination lock.
second puzzle:
Stare death in the face – east wall enemies were skeleton faced

lots of traps

third room – show strength of body and mind
segmented corridor, 1st segment was spinning blades careening across the segment.
2nd segment is cieling crushers.
3rd segment was a fear rune.

Ser Torinn – The Lion of Summerland
"I was the bravest of three but last to fall
The Emperor's life were we tasked to save
We failed our duties one and all
And followed our lord into the grave

In death we guard the Emperor still
His tomb hidden from warring households
Though our bodies decay, our duty never will
Each of us a secret holds

A Knight is forged by trials three
All our virtues must you show
Two more tests lie ahead of thee
Then will a Knighthood the Emperor bestow

Youngling you have passed the first test
Next seek out the wily fox
Find their tomb, their hidden nest
With, speed and cunning defeat their locks

West of Waterpass did they roam
North of the peaks, in verdant wood
We buried them in their adopted home
Go now, forward, on the path to Knighthood"

hobgoblins headed west



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