Lost Empire of Aasha

Bubble's Field Notes: Water Elemental Extermination Services

Set out on 4th of Empyrion, party of Bubble, Aeren, Hefen, Von Connery and Bjorn

Headed east from town to split tree, then north to the temple (3 hours travel)

Outside of ruined temple, looks like scouts might be using it occasionally

Saw a swirling mosaic where the center of ceremonies would be

Went down into crypt, got the drop on the Water Elemental

Rushed in, fought and killed Water Elemental, everyone made it out ok

Found treasure room behind: 700cp, 7000sp, 1700gp, 100pp

Also found gemstones: 2 jade, 2 tourmaline, 1 pearl, 2 amethyst, 2 garnet. Later sold for 864gp.

Found fancy mace – Dawnbringer. Does extra radiant damage.

Found 1x Potion of Speed

Elemental fight didn't take long, so we went on a scouting expedition to the north

Headed north for 3 1/2 hours, made it to Nesadesh and saw a fort close by – end of the day. Took a long rest.

Got attacked by lions – killed lions

Stealthily approached fort, saw Orcs guarding it – roughly same size as the first Orc Fort, but with a smaller number or Orcs, no more than 12-15

Speculated that Orcs may have been sent to Orc Fort 1 – thinning forces

Scouting completed, headed back home, arrived back on 5th Empyrion.



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