Lost Empire of Aasha

Case 11: The Trials of Knighthood

Found writing the margins of a section on coven defenses and protective wards in the book of shadows. 

So apparently I stumbled unto the first steps on the Ancient Aashan path to knighthood. I traveled off with the group to the east to find the tomb that the wererats spoke of. We found some wererats and a tomb but it might not have been the correct one as the wererats thought it should have a rat king in it? Fuzzok the wererat we met outside of the tomb told us this. He was sufficiently pitiful that Bjorn actually let him him go after he was helpful and let us know the wererat lair is to the south in the basements of an abandoned town. This tomb is in the center of the map the yuan-ti had which was helpful in getting a reference for the rest of that map. 

Also tracks of note found during in the trip here snake, probably yuan-ti, tracks going north to south, east to west hobgoblin tracks and north to south wererat tracks. 

Inside the tomb which apparantly was that of Ser Torinn there was a variety of irritating traps, If you have the ability to make pillars of stone retract back and forth forever using to crush grain you jerks.  This was the tomb had a variety of inscriptions which I need to note down here. 

Here lies Ser Torinn, The Lion of Waterpass
Keep her memory in your hearts.
Only the worthy may pass.

The path to Knighthood begins with a lonely vigil.

To serve the Dragon Emperor on the Amber Throne is the highest honour.
A Knight must embody the virtues that all aspire to.

(Left) A Knight must be as strong and brave as the lion
(Centre) A Knight must be as swift and cunning as the fox
(Right) A Knight must be as wise and charming as the raven

A Knight must remain steadfast, and stare death in the face.

A Knight must show strength of body and of mind

Only the pure of heart can find that which is hidden in plain sight.

The following was on the tomb of the Knight. 

I was the bravest of three but last to fall
The Emperor's life were we tasked to save
We failed our duties one and all
And followed our lord into the grave

In death we guard the Emperor still
His tomb hidden from warring households
Though our bodies decay, our duty never will
Each of us a secret holds

A Knight is forged by trials three
All our virtues must you show
Two more tests lie ahead of thee
Then will a Knighthood the Emperor bestow

Youngling you have passed the first test
Next seek out the wily fox
Find their tomb, their hidden nest
With, speed and cunning defeat their locks

West of Waterpass did they roam
North of the peaks, in verdant wood
We buried them in their adopted home
Go now, forward, on the path to Knighthood.

And then on a scrap of paper inside the tomb, don't worry about how we got at it. 

I watch the birth and death of kings
I last beyond all living things
I am the oldest in the land
I am the greatest boulder, the finest sand
I stand on the deepest rock below
I touch the skies where the winds blow
I am where the rivers fountain


So there is a mountain nearby or a puzzle we need to answer mountain to. Anyway I need to go relax because getting crushed by a giant crushing pillar is hell on your back. 



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