Lost Empire of Aasha

Report of Standard-bearer Aeren Nai’lo of House Nai’lo on the Orc Cave

Mission: Recon in force north of the Orc Fort in the Nesadesh

Valour and glory!

Clad in my new armour and carrying my new shield, with my old longsword in hand we set out. After Hefen and Bjorn took a frankly terrifying approach to helping me rid myself of the cursed sword I had come to wield (which I am holding for safekeeping) we set out to find what lay beyond the Orc fort.

Hefen, Bjorn, their high spirits continuing, my good friend and client in the fighting pits Grork and the swashbuckling Dewey all set out together on this endeavour.

We trekked north, past the fort and found tracks. Following these lead us to a cave, full of Orc, with larger ones seemingly in charge. These brutes were armoured in some gross parody of my own protection, with parts clearly stolen from the officers of the town guard of Aasha but we combined our efforts to bring them down.

Then we attacked the second group, Bjorn in his wolf form gave me a look and I knew without words what he intended. This time it didn’t even involve Jimmy being down a well. I leapt heroically onto his back and we charged to the fight. More of the suicidal sappers attacked and Bjorn had to deal with them but in the end we triumphed.

We left the cave, after giving the Orcs a bloody nose,  but we will be back



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