Lost Empire of Aasha

Schist's Letters Home

Past the Sea Cave

Dearest Merena

It is today the 7th of Auragion

Today I tell you of a tale of birds and bone men.  We took a trip out today to head past the sea cave full of cultists.  If you remember me telling you of those birds…we found them…6 of the beasts flew down to attack us.  Feathered winged creatures (I enclose a feather for you) blood red they were.  They could have carried me off were I not faster and more agile than they.

After slaying the birds we continued our travels, meeting a river and eventually crossing it to eventually find a temple.  This one similar to the last but with a statue of some grotesque demon creature…but not a statue, a beast made of rock.  The foul thing attacked up but we bested it.

We made safe the temple eventually and spent the night there.  This temple like the last had a crypt of some description.  Instead of a terrifying elemental as I feared this one had mere skeletons.  No match for our mighty group.

We stumbled upon a great metal door with a strange number lock on it.  Fortunatly a clue was given inscribed near by.  We quickly figured out the combination and entered the locked tomb…where 3 crypts lay.  2 of them destroyed from the inside.  The occupants having risen as ghouls.  We laid the creatures to rest eventually.  The foul stinking corpses once living finally at rest.  The third occupant we left to rest in peace

We also found a map here,  we intend to head out further west…maybe to the tower or maybe to the town.  Who knows what lurks.

I am getting stronger.  Soon I hope to return to you whether they like it or not and drive the invaders from our land

All my Love 




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