Lost Empire of Aasha

Prison of the Mind

Plus you know also an actual prison

The outing to the academy and prison started well. We began the journey and encountered only minor resistance on the way in the form of a couple of giant spiders and an ettercap. During this encounter Dewey case his first spell putting one of the spiders to sleep.

During one of the encampments Dex told us about a time he escaped a cult by convincing them he was possessed by an elder god who had no idea how to human. This enabled him to escape via a privy window during the lesson on how to poop.

Arrived at academy, Shcist caused a mess to attract an unseen servant and gave it a new broom improving its existence. Dex also provided the servants with some dusters to help clear out the cobwebs. Dewey amused himself by using mage hand to create a mess behind the unseen servant with the new broom.

The party quickly proceeded to the puzzle door, answered both riddles (I overlook all, day and night, ever changing, never moving, ruling one while holding all – Sky, Lives without body, hears without ears, speaks without a mouth – Echo) and gained access to a short maze.

Once we made it through the remarkably trap free maze we netted a lot of money, a string of pearls and some confiscated items including:
Goggles of Night – Immediately claimed by Dewey
Pouch of Dust of disappearance
Potion of Animal Friendship

On a completely unrelated note, a couple of trophies may have mysteriously vanished from the academy during this trip.

The party then continued to the prison and Hefen spotted the remains of a jetty. At around this time Hefen also noticed Dewey carrying a trophy in his pack. Dewey failed to convince the party that he really did legitimately obtain a trophy for ballet dancing approximately 100 years ago and the trophy was marked to be donated to the town hall.

We then found the actual prison, the doors were somewhat emphatically closed. We found the easiest access to the guardhouse but were unable to get past the first portcullis to open it up. We tried a combination of brute strength and athletics but failed.

Fortunately, there was some old and well established Ivy on the prison walls enabling access to the fifth story. We slowly but surely explored the damp, decaying prison and the party heard and saw things that were somewhat unsettling, some of the highlights were:

  • Hefen spotted a bit of paper which mentions where the treasure is buried because a prisoner previously was arrested for tax evasion, but not before he buried it.
  • There were cells with prisoner remains in, evidence that the prison was abandoned not entirely empty.
  • Some of the cells were blackened and burned with remains of prisoners evidently trying to escape but failing.
  • We find an especially creepy cell featuring a bizarre symbol Hefen recongises as from their homeland. The symbol is one of devil worshippers that were eradicated centuries ago. Also only Hefen sees this cell. Totally logical.
  • Dewey suddenly has a complete mental breakdown seeing a vision of his child dead in the cell. Stunned and inactive for 8 minutes.
  • Checked SW tower and found dessicated old coccoon at the top of the tower. Everything is totally fine.
  • Definitely no creepy noises in the background.Ascending the northwestern tower we find surprisingly fresh coccoons, still sticky. Maybe a week old. 1 Rabbit, 1 dog sized, one deer/human sized
  • Dex cut the last one open, finding a deer corpse inside. This is fine. Nothing worrying about this.
  • We found a note:

    … It's terrifying in here. I heard they've got the Empire Day Killer locked up in the other wing. I hope I can keep my head down and not be noticed…

    // Many pages later

    … Got my revenge on Shanker today. Sliced his throat in the laundry. The guards still haven't found him and don't suspect a thing. I'm going to see if I can hide the knife so I can     use it again.

The party settles on the conclusion that the Empire Day Killer actually killed the public holiday Empire Day and was probably arrested for other crimes.

  • A spider larder full of rotting meat and cobwebs hidden by a transmuted door

Yttria kicks open the door to the courtyard. While prepping to talk through knee-high grass we hear slithering like that of a snake, we were then ambushed by.. a phase spider. Yttria and Schist made fairly short work of it allowing us access to the admin block.

Looting the admin block and in particular raiding Prisoner Processing, we netted more more stacks 'o' cash, some nice gems, a shield and adamantine chainmail, a pair of crystal lenses, and a wand. We decided to hold off on identification until we had left the creepy hell hole we were exploring.

This was probably for the best because in the upper floor we quickly found a Yuan-Ti nightmare speaker (who Dewey chose to call Anna) who was not super happy to see us.
She was carrying a bag with a symbol of a triangle head stickfigure upside down. Apparently researching this fun fair of delight and sunshine.

Schist, Yttria and Hefen messed Anna up and on her body we found a map which featured the exact same symbol, as well as a pyramid with a door on the bottom. See handouts for more details. She also had a little cash and a dagger carved from jade

We moved some furniture barring an exit from the guards accommodation and fled that place

On the way back we IDed the shield, (+1 Shield), the lenses are eyes of charming, the wand is a wand of magic missile and had a name on it in draconic (Rakket)

We also translated the notes. She was looking for something to defend against the Howling Hatred, and some worries about the Crushing Wave and Black Hands.

She made a lot of notes on the prison, looking for the magic that drives that place. She was also a recent immigrant, only had been there a few days and had been relying on spells to protect her mind.

We then headed home and split up the treasure. I am sure someone will have the bright idea to go back to the prison to find out more about the horrible madness. Dewey probably will try to avoid this duty.



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