Lost Empire of Aasha

Schist Letter Home - Seacave

Dearest Merena

A lot has happened since i last wrote. When I arrived in town one of the children of the dragon approached me looking for her child. Of course I knew how she felt knowing how distraught I would be if shape or gneiss were missing I began asking around town upon my return from my last adventure. The town’s residents DD not know of her ever having a child…also she had not been seen for a time. I pondered if the town was under the effects of some sort of memory alteration magic. I put it off though as myself and others were heading out.

The strange Bird Bubble, and the elf Ishmerai from my previous sortie out of the town were again travelling companions. Joined by a strange pair. A man with a large warhammer in armour and a priest. I hoped they would be good companions for the trip.

We’d been told of a cave near the town in the southwest a sea cave. I was so desperate to get back underground for a time I signed up. It would be a relief to just not feel this blistering star on my skin at all times.

We headed south west out of town back into the farmlands….is that all they do here? Farm? Why keep the farmers, the weakest, outside the town where it is least safe…?

We followed the cliffs at the edge of the beach for several hours coming across a number of huts. Bubble mentioned they were to protect farmers from.blood hawks…we have yet to see any of these creatures.

Eventually we found a place where the cliffs gave way a little and we could make it to the beach. Nearby we found a scrap of cloth, blue like the child I was told about was wearing when she went missing. Clearly something is amiss but I was not to know just how amiss yet. Spurred into action we found tracks of an adult nearby, perhaps the mother had come out to find her missing child as the town had done nothing about it.

We followed the tracks to a cave by the beach. Perhaps this was the sea cave we were searching for… unfortunately before we could be cautious we were set up on by people wearing heavy hooded robes. Clearly some sort of cult used this place as their base. Dispatching these people was a simple task for us and we ventured further into the cave. The cave was dark but the priest made the armoured man glow with the light. Fortunately something like a lack of light doesn’t stop me so Ishmerai and I ventured further to scout.

Deeper in the cave we could hear a pounding noise. Thud thud thud, and came across another group of cult members. They had some sort of printing machine and were printing out leaflets looking for the lost child….this just keeps getting stranger. Further exploration yielded a few small bags of copper but nothing of any interest.

Eventually we found an area that looked to be set up as a prison of sorts…strange in a cave but there were morenc cusltists to dispatch.

This group include one orc welding a large saw toothed sword. He was dispatched with an arrow and a javelin to the chest, these companions are handy to have. I was surprised to see while dispatching this set of cultists that the woman who had lost her child was among them. Luckily I had mearly knocked her out rather than killed her. I interrogated her and found out this was all a rouse! I was angry, I admit I had thoughts of killing her outright…the others suggested it….but no, she was a prisoner and I could not in good conscience do something like that to a prisoner even if she had sworn we would be sacrificed to some demon lord, I could not imagine what example that would set for my own children.

We locked her up in the prison to retrieve on our return and ventured deeper into the cave of the cult.

It was not long before we could hear chanting a spell or some such coming from a shrine deeper in the cave to some hideous demon lord. Quickly we disrupted the ceremony and did away with the cultists. Looking around we found a hidden passage way and chest of gold and gems as well as a magical Triton bident. We split up what we had collected and retrieved our prisoner, returning to town and handing her in with the town guards. They seemed relieved to have her there in their jail, I am content that my duty and conscience are sated in that for a while.
There are some ruins to the east the Priest mentioned they were considering a journey to uncover it more. Perhaps a trip out there would be a change this time. I will venture with them again.

Take care of the children and yourself my love.

We be together again I hope
Your love once and always




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