Lost Empire of Aasha

Von Connery in... The Ruin, the Keep and the Goblins

Inscriptions on the sarcophagi are as follows:

Kavanna Kimbatul (538 – 612) Endless scholar into the gem of life

Balasra Kepeshmolik (461 – 511) Bringer of light to the worshippers of the false gods.

Herxes Turnuroth (361 – 435) The golden hearted.

? ? (? – ?) This sarcophagi has had it's inscription plate forcibly removed.

Imiryth Perra (-14 – 58) Soother of the storms.

Eofen Amakiir (-673 – -204) An example for her kind.

Saratis Tranni (880 – 938) Slayer of the flame lord Orgoth.

Oryx Clethtinthiallor (820 – 904) Founder of this very church.

Shamash Prexijandilin (934 – 969) Healing those who defended the empire's sovereignty.

Auratiris Turnuroth (942 – 968) Slayer of traitors to the throne.



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